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"What the Clocks Know offers paranormal enthusiasts a refreshingly gripping yet keenly deceptive read."

"Sumptuous writing!! The dual stories of two sets of lovers are both poignant, quirky, irresistible..."

"Exceptional. [...] It is far more than just an enjoyable read. It is brilliantly laid out with a cast of characters that are expertly woven together until it all makes perfect sense at the end. The writing is detailed and almost lyrical."

An Former Kane County resident uses London move as inspiration for 'What the Clocks Know'.

"What the Clocks Know:

a standout in the genre"

"The entire production is a gripping read, highly recommended for ghost story enthusiasts, timeslip novel readers, and anyone who likes romance and powerful protagonists facing unexpected circumstances."

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer,

Midwest Book Review

On story inspirations and advice for other writers.

An Illinois native’s haunting yet humorous novel pays homage to sweet home Chicago.

On genre, the 1920s, and real-life not-for-profit experience.

On career, favorites, & works in progress.

Author Spotlight: "I'm impressed with the way she captures the feel of the 1920's."

On story inspirations.


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"Typically, I’m stingy in doling out 5 star ratings. I only do when I know that a book has made a lasting impression on me and when I know that others will feel the same way once they’ve given the story their time and attention."

"This book has it all, love, anguish, mystery and a bit of the paranormal."

"[E]asily one of the most unique and intriguing books I've read. "

On musical and geographical inspirations.

On Chicago, publishing, and current projects.

On real-life inspirations.

On "casting" characters.

On "casting" the secondary characters.

The letter Seven for a Secret's Eva would really write to Lon if she could...

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